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Short Film Julia
A young girl faces a test of friendship at an orphanage in 1970 South Korea | Based on a true story


Directed by Emma Duvall
Written by Skyler Verity and Emma Duvall
Produced by Jessica Barr, Emma Duvall, Skyler Verity, and Zoe Duvall Hendrickson
Cinematography by Matthew Hayes
Score by Nate Heller


Made In Oregon "Tell Your Story" Grant 2020
Bend Bipoc Film Festival Production Grant 2021

Bend Film Festival 2022          Cinema Femme Film Festival 2023
Portland Film Festival 2022    Hollyshorts Film Festival 2023
DisOrient Film Festival 2023
NFFTY 2023

Feature Film Can't Seem To Make You Mine
A man who was just released from prison tries to make amends with his ex and become a father to his 6-year-old son while staying with a stripper he met on a pen-pal website. 

Directed / Written by Sara Burke and Aaron Keene
Produced by Jessica Barr and Morgan Raymond
Starring Lindsay Burdge, Zachary Sherman, and Jessica Barr

Dances With Films Festival 2023          
Filmfort Festival 2024


Short Film The Buyers
A new homeowner grows suspicious of a neighborly couple eager to help her unpack.

Directed by Felicia Manning
Written by Samantha Wilson

Produced by Jessica Barr and Felicia Manning
Cinematography Jesse Aragon

Coming Soon

Dallas International Film Festival 2023         
LA Shorts International Film Festival 2023
Burbank International Film Festival 2023
YDA Short List 2023


Short Film All Over Everywhere
A quick trip to the restroom starts as an emergency session with Seniors, Elizabeth and Ava, over Zoe's failing relationship and ends with a full on party in the newly named gender neutral bathroom. When an alert goes out that a teacher is coming, the Senior class has mad rush to get the hell out. 


Directed by Katie O' Grady
Produced by Jessica Barr and Katie O' Grady
Executive Produced by David Cress
Cinematography by Philip Anderson
Production Designer Nathan Pacyna
Costume Designer Sarah Meyer
Edited by Ben Mercer 
Colorist Jasmine Vasquez


Les Femmes Underground International Film Festival 2023 
New Media Festival 2023
Los Angeles Independent Film Fesitval 2023
Film Shortage 2023        


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